A Message from the Artist - Lynne Tuft

Lynne Tuft
Lynne Tuft shown with Julian and Adrienne Rossi on their family vineyard.

My commitment is to provide quality reading material and creative learning opportunities for school children of all ages. The Grapes Grow Sweet is the first in a series of educational family picture books to explore the world of grape growing.

The Grapes Grow Sweet will open doors to various careers within the industry such as agricultural sciences, organic farming, viticulture, construction, etc. while providing opportunities for a student to develop and expand their own artistic and literary talents.

After you've read this book, I invite you to share your comments with me. I am especially interested in hearing from children who have enjoyed the book. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be contacted by writing to:
Lynne Tuft
PO Box 6763
Napa, CA 94581
Email to: artist@grapesgrowsweet.com


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